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Aggression and responsiveness to noxious stimuli are adaptable traits that are ubiquitous throughout the animal kingdom. Like vertebrate animals, some invertebrates have been shown to exhibit anxiety- like behaviour and altered levels of aggression that are modulated by the neurotransmitter serotonin. To investigate whether this influence of serotonin is conserved in crabs and whether these behaviours are sensitive to human antidepressant drugs; the striped shore crab, Pachygrapsus crassipes, was studied using anxiety (light/dark test) and aggression (mirror test) paradigms. Crabs were individually exposed to acute doses of the selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor, fluoxetine (5 or 25 mg/L), commonly known as Prozac®, followed by behavioural testing. The high dose of fluoxetine significantly decreased anxiety-like behaviour but had no impact on mobility or aggression. These results suggest that anxiety-like behaviour is more sensitive to modulation of serotonin than is aggressiveness in the shore crab.

Originally from Rio Gallegos, Argentina, Dr. Martin Tresguerres received his BSc and MSc at the University of Buenos Aires (Argentina), where he specialized in aquatic biology. He received a Ph.D. in physiology and cell biology at the University of Alberta (Canada), and completed his postdoctoral training in molecular chemosensors and signal transduction at the Weill Cornell Medical College in New York City.
Research Interest:

physiology of aquatic organisms
pH, carbon dioxide and bicarbonate sensors
intracellular signaling
ion transport and acid/base regulation
epithelial physiology

Martin’s interests include the evolutionary relationships between basic cellular functions and complex “whole organism” physiology. His studies encompass biochemistry, molecular and cell biology, and physiology, but in the past they also have covered marine invertebrate ecology, marine mammal taxonomy, and fisheries. These experiences have trained Martin to always consider the “big picture,” even while studying processes at the molecular level.

Augmenting Scripps’ leadership in ocean acidification, Martin’s research at Scripps includes how marine organisms sense and adjust to acid/base disturbances arising from environmental and metabolic variations in carbon dioxide, protons, and bicarbonate ions. Other areas of his interest include aquaculture, biofuels, and evolution.
UCSD Classes Taught in the Past 3 Years:

SP13: BGGN271 , Adv Experimental Methods/Bio
SP13: SIO297 , Marine Biology Seminar
SP13: SIO181 , Marine Biochemistry
SP13: SIO136 , Marine Biology Laboratory
WI13: SIO199 , Special Studies
WI13: BGGN271 , Adv Experimental Methods/Bio
FA12: SIO199 , Special Studies
FA12: BGGN271 , Adv Experimental Methods/Bio
SP12: SIO281 , Marine Physiology

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